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Louise Kallora-Stimpson

Louise Kallora-Stimpson
British Council
Louise Kallora-Stimpson has a background in development cooperation, specialising in the European Union’s (EU) development cooperation policies and programming. She has worked for the British Council for the last 9 years, most recently as Deputy Director of the EU Office, responsible for British Council’s partnership with the EU Institutions and EU Member States. Prior to that, she worked extensively within the EU Institutions, including 2 years in Greece managing European development funds between Greece and Italy; 4 years in Vietnam managing the EU Delegation’s programmes on human rights and civil society building; and 5 years in Latin America focussed predominantly on the EU’s rural development and food security programmes. In addition to this, she spent 3 years in the CSO sector managing a peace education project in the Western Balkans funded by the EU. She believes that development is not limited to the global south – all countries strive to be better, and embracing mutuality in our approach to partnerships and knowledge exchange goes a long way to realising our global goals.